About Me!

Abeba was born in Rockaway, NJ to parents from the small African country of Eritrea. It was they who instilled in her the importance of a strong work ethic and an equally strong cup of coffee! At first, she focused all of her efforts into becoming a world-renowned paleontologist, until her middle school posted a flyer about auditioning for the talent show. One dance routine choreographed to a hit Hilary Duff song later, she fell in love with performing. Though her initial dream of becoming a standby Cheetah Girl did not in fact come to fruition, she did decide to continue pursuing her dream by auditioning for the musical.

From there, she continued to explore her love of telling stories up until and through her senior year, which was also when she decided that she simply could not spend her life doing anything else. She found her home at Rider University, where she has been so grateful to receive many opportunities to explore her interests not only in performing, but in writing and directing as well. When she isn’t doing any of those things, you can often find Abeba re-watching old episodes of Law and Order: SVU for the umpteenth time (usually with the subtitles on) with a nice cup of tea at her side.

This is her story. dun dun.

But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea!
— - Jane Austen